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A New Kind of Clothing Brand

We created Peluro to do things differently. In fact, we don't want to be like everyone else. 

One of the most beautiful things anyone can do in life is to simply be themselves, and this is true for companies as well.

It is only through having a clear identity and value system that we find clarity and purpose. 

There are a few ways that we see ourselves as different. 

The first is how we view design and the role clothing should play in our lives. Our design concept is to create simple, classic items that are both timeless and minimalist. 

We are more than just simple designs: each item we create is made to last.

We are the opposite of fast-fashion: our designs and products are made to be relevant and last for years. We believe that our relationship with our clothing should be long-term.

In addition to being more environmentally conscious, it is also incredibly satisfying to have well-crafted, quality items that last and feel just right as they form to our bodies over time.

Second, we believe that less is more. Instead of having lots of shapes and sizes, we curate a limited collection of high quality items. 

We are the opposite of the proverbial cereal aisle with endless choices.  

More is not always better, and quality is always better than quantity. 

All of our clothing is designed with the same fit. There is no slim, relaxed, or other fit categories - just one form-fitting style that is shared across everything we create. 

The simplicity of a shopping experience with limited options to sort through provides comfort in knowing that any clothing items will share the same fit and look great together. 

Lastly, we are different simply because we have designed our clothing to fit exactly how we like it.

For our all-new jeans, we spent two years to find the right fabric and perfect the fit. At the end of this journey, we can confidently say that our jeans feel exactly how classic jeans should.   

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