How to Hem Your Jeans

How to Hem Your Jeans

Your new jeans just arrived… and they’re a bit too long. You would like to hem them so that the length is just right, but you don't want to lose the original hem with that unique distressed and washed-out look. 

We have good news: you can adjust the length of your jeans while keeping the original hem! 

Alter Your Jeans and Keep the Unique Style of the Original Hem 

At Peluro, all of our jeans are currently available in 33.5 length since we are a new brand. We understand that most guys will likely need to hem their new Peluro jeans after they arrive.

As a result, we wanted to share the best way to do this so that the original hem stays intact for that straight-from-the-factory look. 

How to Hem Your Jeans to Keep the Original Hem

Many tailors or alterations shops know how to hem jeans so that the original hem is preserved, but it will likely be necessary to specifically ask for this option. It will probably cost a bit more, but it’s worth it. 

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to hem the jeans yourself, we have provided a few links below to articles and a YouTube video tutorial that walk through the process step by step. Essentially, to hem the jeans there are 4 steps: 

  1. Fold up the jeans to your desired length 
  2. Stitch just below the hem (with the jeans still folded to the desired length)
  3. Trim the excess material beneath the new hem line
  4. Fold the hem down and press the bottom of the jeans  

Voila - you now have awesome Peluro jeans that are the perfect length with the original hem! and have helpful articles on each step in the process. Additionally, there is a great YouTube video on the Professor Pincushion channel that is definitely worth checking out. We've also included the video below!



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