about us

We started Peluro to create a men’s clothing brand with a focus on simple and classic design, a commitment to quality materials, and a belief that greatness is found in the simplest of details.

With too much fashion being about breaking boundaries and creating new trends, we wanted to bring back what made fashion great in the first place. We wanted to bring back that simply classic look that's too hard to find with the quality you deserve.

Combining simple designs with classic style, we start with the absolute basics and add just enough to make each item feel complete. Underpinning everything we do is high-quality, natural materials that look and feel great. 


We believe in the beauty of simplicity. 

We believe that classic can be cool. 

We believe great products begin with quality materials. 


We want you to look and feel your best. For us, this means only using premium fabrics designed by nature - cotton, wool, and other natural materials.

relaxing with simple classic and comfortable men's jeans by peluro

We believe great clothing should be form-fitting, not tight or baggy.  

Our clothing is designed with this principle in mind - that clothing should hug our bodies and compliment our natural shape.